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Watch the Sweet Windy City: Rhythm 1 online guitar lesson by Andy Aledort from Jam Night Vol. 2

Using all downstrokes with the pick-hand, I play the root/fifth-to-root/sixth chords on the bottom three strings using palm-muting throughout - be sure to lay the edge of the pick hand palm across all of the strings at the bridge saddles to attain the percussive sound. Notice the quick walk-up between the E5 and A5 chord, made up of the notes G and G# on the sixth string. In a similar manner, I like to add brief single-note ideas immediately preceding each chord change in order to keep the rhythm part interesting. In bars 3 and 4, I add single-note melodic riffs on beat 4 to achieve a similar result. Watch the pick hand closely as I sneak in some hybrid picking when adding these little melodic parts. When I get to bars 9 and 10, I switch to a full hybrid-picked approach for the arpeggiated B7 and A7 chords, as is the case with the descending turnaround in bars 11 and 12, made up of sixths fretted on the fifth and third strings.

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