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Watch the Sweet Windy City: Lead 2 online guitar lesson by Andy Aledort from Jam Night Vol. 2

The style of this solo is, to my mind, along the lines of a classic Freddie King "Hideaway" type solo, in that the lines are based on the E blues scale (E G A Bb B D) and I use a lot of hammer-ons, pull-offs and slides in the articulation of lines that are played on the top three strings, with the open strings playing a prominent part in the ideas. In bar 2, I bring in the C#, the major third of A, to make close reference to the four chord, and in bar 3 I move back to the E blues scale with repeated slides into the fifth and flatted seventh, ala Lightnin' Hopkins. On the return to the four chord, A, in bars 5 and 6, I reintroduce the sixth, C#, and then play sliding doublestops thirds apart based on the A Mixolydian scale (A B C# D E F# G). Also take note of the occasional hybrid picking, used to bring out the sound of the higher strings. Over B7 in bar 9, I move to a line based on B minor pentatonic (B D E F# A), using open strings in the style of Jimmie Vaughan and Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown.