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Watch the Rolling Rock: Rhythm 2 online guitar lesson by Andy Aledort from Jam Night Vol. 2

I start this example with an eighth-position C major triad, and this shifts easily to Fsus2 by simply replacing the E, third string/ninth fret, with F, third string/10th fret. I then slide this shape up two frets (and add the low G) to sound Gsus2; notice the quick hammer-ons and pull-offs added at the end of the figure to move between the major third of G, B, and the second of G, A. The last bar of the intro is made up of a single-note lick based on the C major pentatonic scale (C D E G A), and the chordal arpeggiations of the verse progression - C-Dm7-Em7-F-G - are spiced up with fret hand pinkie hammer-ons and pull-offs performed on the B string. At the end of the first time through the progression, I move to single-note lines based on G major pentatonic (G A B D E) over the G chord. At the end of the second time through the progression, I augment the G chord with the use of sliding sixths which then resolve to the sound of fifths. On the subsequent F and G chord, notice how easily melodic and rhythmic interest can be added through the use of subtle melodic ideas such as the added and subtracted notes on the G and high E strings.