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Watch the Rolling Rock: Lead 2 online guitar lesson by Andy Aledort from Jam Night Vol. 2

Starting off as I do here with high licks on the B and high E strings, based on the C major pentatonic scale, lends a blues/country feel to the solo, one that is very appropriate for this type of tune. Hybrid picking - combining fingerpicking with flatpicking - further accentuates the country-type feel of the phrases. Though I use sliding sixths to wrap up the first pass through the chord progression, I switch to sliding thirds over G the second time through. Sus2 voicings for F and G give way to more sliding sixth forms played over both chords, before I move into alternate picked thirds for the descending F-Em7-Dm7-C part of the progression. Notice that I alter the alternate picked attack from 16th notes to eighth-note triplets. I stick with two-note shapes harmonized as thirds to wrap up the solo section in a style not unlike the accompanying parts played by George Harrison on the Beatles' records.