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Watch the Rolling Rock: Lead 1 online guitar lesson by Andy Aledort from Jam Night Vol. 2

I begin with the C major pentatonic scale and bend a D up one whole step to E to start out, sounding the major third, E, of the first chord, C. This bend is then released to D over the second chord, Dm7, after which I move freely around within the structure of C major pentatonic before landing on a D note over the G chord; D is the fifth of G and sounds perfect in this spot. This then sets up the use of the G major pentatonic scale over G, as well as sliding sixths and fifths based on G major pentatonic. The second time through the initial progression, I play slightly more complex phrases that lean on faster hammer-ons and pull-offs as I move between 16th notes and 32nd notes. Fsus2 and Gsus2 are arpeggiated and treated with quick hammers and pulls in the next section. I then switch to arpeggiated eighth-note triplets on the D, G and B strings along with the use of the basic chordal connections moving down the fretboard from F to Em to Dm, followed with single-note phrases over C.