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Watch the Pier of the Sea: Rhythm 1 online guitar lesson by Andy Aledort from Jam Night Vol. 2

For the verse section, I begin with a G "cowboy" chord, after which I switch to barre chords for the B, C and A chords. For each of these, I like to add quick hammer/pulls on the B string using the pinkie, one fret higher than the ring finger barre, to make brief reference to a sus4 (suspended fourth) sound. The strumming pattern is executed using a combination of 8th and 16th notes; be sure to keep the pick hand wrist as loose as possible in order to achieve a smooth and even sound. For the chorus, I switch to two-note voicings for G and Emadd2: over G, the index and middle fingers fret the ninth, A, and fifth, D, respectively, after which the ring finger hammers onto the major third, B. This Hendrix-y hammer-on is moved up two frets for the A chord, and on the final E chord, a quick trill is performed between the minor third, G, and the major third, G#.