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Watch the Mall Cops: Rhythm 2 online guitar lesson by Andy Aledort from Jam Night Vol. 2

Once again, keep the pick hand loose while strumming these shifting 16th-note syncopated rhythms. I purposely switch up the accents when moving from one chord to another in order to keep the part interesting and live-sounding; in other words, musical. The Gm7 and Cm7 are close voiced in that both feature a high Bb (second string/11th fret) and the F in the Gm7 chord (third string/10th fret) moves down two frets for the Eb in the Cm7 chord (third string/eighth fret). The focus here, strumming-wise, is mostly on the D, G and B strings, with fret hand pressure released between each of the chordal accents. The Ebmaj7 is moved up to the top four strings, and here I lightly strum the chord as opposed to arpeggiating it as I had done in the first example. Notice, as well, how all of the notes in the Ebmaj7, Dm7 and Gm7 chords are found in 10th position, with very little fret hand movement needed when switching from one chord to another.