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Watch the Mall Cops: Rhythm 1 online guitar lesson by Andy Aledort from Jam Night Vol. 2

For the Gm chords I wrap the fret hand thumb over the top of the fretboard to sound the low G root note, while using the index finger to sound F, Bb and D on the third fret of the D, G and B strings. This three-note Gm7 voicing is strummed in a syncopated 16th-note rhythm; release fret hand pressure between each chordal accent and apply pressure only when the chord is sounded. Also, maintain a steady down-up alternate strumming pattern with the pick hand throughout. The subsequent Ebmaj7 and Dm7 chords are arpeggiated - fret the chords in their entirety but sound them one note at a time. The final single-note riff, based on G minor pentatonic, is a band figure wherein the bass and drums play the exact same rhythmic syncopation as the guitar, so be sure to focus on rhythmic accuracy throughout.