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Watch the Mall Cops: Lead 1 online guitar lesson by Andy Aledort from Jam Night Vol. 2

The opening sliding two-note fifths are fretted with the index finger and pinkie and are played on the top two strings. Strive for accuracy when sliding up and down the board quickly as it is executed in this example. The subsequent single-note lines are based on the G minor pentatonic scale (G Bb C D F) and are played in a bluesy style, which, like funk, sounds great within the reggae environment. Notice in particular the quick pull-offs to the open D string. Over the Ebmaj7-Dm7-Gm7, I simply stick with the G blues scale (G Bb C Db D F) the entire time, in a manner similar to the way Eric Clapton solos over "I Shot the Sheriff." Additionally, I used an "out-of-phase" pick-up position for this solo (like Eric), with the toggle switch in second position, between the bridge and middle pickups so both will sound simultaneously.