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Watch the Interstate Blues: Rhythm 1 online guitar lesson by Andy Aledort from Jam Night Vol. 2

This part begins high on the fretboard, in eighth position, using an A7 triad (E G C#, low to high) along with an open A pedal tone. Notice that I use all upstrokes when picking, and additionally I slide into the triad on each of the four downbeats. An element of voice leading is brought into play by then switching to E7 just one fret higher, in ninth position, so both the A7 and E7 triads feature the same E note on the G string as the lowest note. The open low E string is brought in as the pedal tone here. On the switch to D7, I use only a two-note shape built from the notes F# and A over an open D string pedal, with these notes played individually and in melodic fashion. The same A7 voicing returns in bar 5, followed by a lower voicing for E7 (D E B from low to high) after which I play a single-note line based on A minor pentatonic (A C D E G) to set up the return to the I chord, A. Hybrid picking is used for the subsequent turnaround, for while a high A note (first string/fifth fret) is played against chromatically descending notes on the D string, moving from G down to E.