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Watch the Interstate Blues: Lead 1 online guitar lesson by Andy Aledort from Jam Night Vol. 2

The initial lines in this solo are based on A minor pentatonic (A C D E G) and I start in fifth position with the index finger barred across the top two strings at the fifth fret and the ring finger used to bend notes sounded at the seventh fret of the G string. The initial triplet lick is played four times over A7, and on the switch to E7, I remain in fifth position but change the contour of the melody. Over D7, I switch to lines based on a combination of A major pentatonic (A B C# E F#) and the A blues scale (A C D Eb E G). A major pentatonic works especially well over D7 as it contains two of the triadic chord tones of D7, F# (the third) and A (the fifth). Bar five features a repeated sliding figure into the fifth and flatted seventh ala Johnny Winter and Lightnin' Hopkins, and the quick pull-off figures between the G, D and A strings that follow, executed in a combination of eighth and 16th notes, represent another nod to the great Johnny Winter.