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Watch the Gin Soaked Queen: Lead 1 online guitar lesson by Andy Aledort from Jam Night Vol. 2

I begin this solo using G major pentatonic (G A B D E) in eighth position, with a brief inclusion of G minor pentatonic (G Bb C D F) over C, which can also be analyzed as C minor pentatonic over C (C Eb F G Bb) as both scales include the notes Bb, C and F. Over A and D, I employ the country-style oblique bending technique wherein the pinkie is used to barre across the top two strings while notes one fret lower are bent and released on the G string. At 0:22, I use the blues-based oblique bend of pushing Bb, the minor third, up one half step to B while fretting a D note above it, followed by sling sixths based on C Mixolydian (C D E F G A Bb). The solo then wraps up with swift slides to different areas of the fretboard to play single-note lines based on the major pentatonic scales that correspond to the chords in the progression.