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Watch the 12 AM: Rhythm 1 online guitar lesson by Andy Aledort from Jam Night Vol. 2

As the intro begins on the bVII chord, D, I utilize a straight D major fifth-string-root barre chord with the intention of using voice leading into the next chord, B7: for D, the notes played on the D, G and B strings are A, D and F#; when switching to B7, I simply move the D up to D#, resulting in a B7 triad of A, D# and F#. This dominant seventh shape is moved down two frets to sound A7, after which I round out the intro with sliding Mixolydian sixths over G. The verse section is performed with a Jimi Hendrix/"Them Changes"-type approach of an E7 voicing, struck with a hard stab, follwed by a bassline-like single note figure to represent the switch to the A chord. The same three-note dominant voicings from the intro are used for B7 to A7, and then a single-note walk up from C# to E sets up the shift to the chorus form.