Watch the Riverside: Lead 2 online guitar lesson by Andy Aledort from Jam Night Vol. 1

This solo begins with a slide up to a two-note figure built from the fifth, B, and the b7, D, of E; after the two notes are sounded, I apply heavy vibrato with the whammy bar (Neil was using his Gretsch White Falcon in those days, fitted with a Bigsby vibrato). Through the first four bars, I stick mostly with E minor pentatonic (E G A B D) and occasionally add the high E string as a drone. The second half of the solo moves higher up the neck to provide contrast to the first half, featuring doublestops thirds apart that are also treated to heavy whammy bar vibrato. Be sure to check out videos of Neil while soloing, as you will see him holding the whammy bar in his hand the entire time, which allows him to add these exaggerated vibratos at will.

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