Watch the One Way Street: Lead 1 online guitar lesson by Andy Aledort from Jam Night Vol. 1

This solo kicks off with a strong theme based on A minor pentatonic, along the lines of Betts' original solo. I stick with this scale until bar 8, at which point I anticipate the change to D via the use of A major pentatonic, which inclues the notes F# and A, two of the tones of a D major triad (D F# A). My goal throughout this solo is to play melodic phrases that work well as one moves from one phrase to the next, telling a story as any good solo should. You might recognize some standard blues-type patterns here, which are great to lean on in order to give a solo direction and clarity. The repeated bend/vibrato in bars 19-20 are also staples of Betts' style and offer a good chance to practice the somewhat tricky bent vibrato technique.

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