Watch the Heavy Load: Rhythm 1 online guitar lesson by Andy Aledort from Jam Night Vol. 1

This rhythm example begins with a first inversion G chord, which positions B, the third of G, as the lowest note. The second chord is Bm, so the B note is held through the second chord in the progression while G drops down to F#, the fifth of B. I can then easily slide up one fret to form a root-position C major chord to sound the four chord. For both the Bm and C chords, chordal embellishment is created via hammers and pulls with the pinkie. As you play through this verse progression, notice how I switch from sustained chordal forms to single-note arpeggiated figures. The chorus of G-D-C is built from two-note sixths, with notes here and there to provide melodic content. And for the last four bars, I switch to two-note thirds. When looked at as a whole, you will see that this rhythm part encompasses a great many different approaches used to lay down a guitar part that is both rhythmically strong and melodically interesting.

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