Watch the Flashy Jack: Rhythm 2 online guitar lesson by Andy Aledort from Jam Night Vol. 1

This time, I approach the primary rhythm guitar part with an unusual voicing of B7#9: a B octave is sounded on the sixth and fourth strings and fretted with the index and ring fingers (and with the fifth string muted), and then I add the b7th, A, and the b3rd, D, by barring the pinkie at the tenth fret of the top two strings (with the third string muted). The intervening single-note melodic theme is based on B minor pentatonic (B D E F# A) the first time through, and B major pentatonic (B C# D# F# G#) the second time through. The chorus chords, D A E B, are all fretted on the top four strings in triadic form, with a single-note ornamental melody added that is sounded on the second string for D, A and E, and is then moved to the first string for the return to the I chord, B.

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