Watch the Flashy Jack: Rhythm 1 online guitar lesson by Andy Aledort from Jam Night Vol. 1

The B5 power chord that kicks off this example is fretted in an unconventional way, as I use the fret hand thumb wrapped around the top to the neck to sound the low B root note (sixth string/seventh fret) and then use a ring finger partial barre to fret F# and B at the ninth fret of the fifth and fourth strings, respectively. After the chordal accents on beats one and two, the remainder of bar 1 into bar 2 is executed with two-note partial barres fretted with the index and ring fingers ala Jimi Hendrix, alternated with the low B bass note. Bar 3 is a reprise of bar 1, but afterwards I follow with a descending single-note note line. All of the fills are based on B minor pentatonic (B D E F# A). A similar approach is used for the chorus part as each approriate power chord is accented on beats one and two, and each of the chorus chords is followed by a bass-line like riff that is transposed to each succesive chord in the progression. The part ends with a chordal stab on B7#9.

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