Watch the Bird 'n' Some Beast: Rhythm 1 online guitar lesson by Andy Aledort from Jam Night Vol. 1

When playing this progression, I like to anticipate the one chord, E, with the five chord, B, by first fretting a B major triad and then hammering into the E triad: with the ring finger set at the ninth fret of the D string, the middle and ring fingers are positioned at the eighth and seventh frets on the G and B strings, respectively; I then bring a ring finger barre down onto the G and B strings to switch from the B chord to the E chord. The C#m is set up with B5-to-C#5 movement, with the low root notes fretting on the sixth string by wrapping the thumb over the top of the fretboard, and octave sounded on the sixth and fourth strings along with the fifth above on the B string, a technique favored by Jimi Hendrix. I then hammer into a first inversion A triad, voiced (low to high): C# E A.

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