Watch the The Wes Coast Solo 1 online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Guitar Lab: Blues Soloing

When it comes to licks and having some at your disposal to drop, that's always a good idea. BUT, just make sure you're able to adapt your go-to licks to conform to the ebb and flow of whatever situation you're soloing in. One idea you'll see here and again in Blues Soloing is the lick played at the tail end of bar 11 and resolving on the downbeat of bar 12 in the first chorus. It's a very cool version of a standard blues move that lands on the b7 of whatever chord you're playing over and works great for both dom7 and min7 chords since there's no 3rd involved. If you go back to Sussy Strut's third chorus and look at bar 7 you'll see the same lick; in the same key no less! Comparatively it serves very different purposes and sits in a different place in time rhythmically, but fits perfectly in both scenarios nonetheless.

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