Watch the Sweet 16 Solo 3 online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Guitar Lab: Blues Soloing

Half step melodic voice leading is once again plentiful here in Sweet 16. In fact, it always will be throughout Blues Soloing and it's crucial you make a conscious effort to make it so in your own playing. This approach to linking one lick idea to another over changes is what separates an OK solo from a memorable one. In regards to the latter, melodic voice leading allows you to play a solo everyone can connect to and walk away with that, needs no flash or chops that seem out of your reach. Sure, that stuff has its place and is very cool when done right, but I'm here to tell without something as deep as melodic voice leading as the main ingredient - it won't mean a thang no matter how hot your licks are! Take hold of melodic voice leading and play it for all it's worth - your solos will thank you!

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