Watch the Sussy Strut Solo 1 online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Guitar Lab: Blues Soloing

Sussy Strut gets straight to the point in regards to nailing chord tones and playing the aforementioned major 3rds with this first chorus. As you play through the solo and the two that follow look for how the root position Bb minor pentatonic vision is morphed into a more Mixolydian sound by playing the additive major 3rd (D) over the Bb7 chord (I7). That approach, as well as the basic theme, will stay in focus in the second and third solos, but within more embellished ideas. Speaking of themes, notice how the lines follow the comp rhythm, especially in bars 9-10. This makes for a more cohesive solo and gives the listener, as well as the band, something to grab onto. By doing this everyone in the room can begin to feel a part of what it is your playing and get more into it. In regards to the band they may further emphasize what you playing, making the entire delivery that much more are exciting!

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