Watch the Minor of the Harmonic Kind Solo 3 online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Guitar Lab: Blues Soloing

Every time bars 9-10 come around here in Minor of the Harmonic Kind there's a melodic shout out to the underlying harmonic minor vibe. In the first chorus you have a subtle reference with the half step bend to the Dm7's b5 (Ab) at the downbeat of bar 9 and then a brief run up the Bdim triad in bar 10 to season the G7 chord. The second chorus brings a little more to the harmonic minor table with a cool two-note-per-string run in bar 9 and another half step bend instance to Ab (this time the b9 of the V chord) to kick off bar 10 that's followed by some solid lick construction. As always the third chorus just goes for it with a continuous stream that sails right through bars 9-10. First there's a morphed rendition of a tried-and-true blues lick in bar 9 that flows right into a cool V chord lick that will require some fret hand 2nd finger maneuvering.

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