Watch the Minor Au Naturale Solo 1 online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Guitar Lab: Blues Soloing

In the first chorus there's enough space between the licks to make even Sun Ra proud. Space is an important element with soloing over a 12 bar minor blues on the funky side. It lets the rhythm section really lay into the pocket and lets the almighty groove flourish. Another element of note is the reiteration of themes. Check out how the lick idea in bars 1-2 is brought back in bar 7, just condensed into a single measure. Rolling back to bar 5 where you have a simple pentatonic lick played over the IV chord, you come up to that same lick in bar 10 with a slight adjustment at the tail to make for the final resolution to the Am7 in bar 11. To do this is real-time you'll need to play simple ideas that you can retain so you can play them again. Take note: simple doesn't mean boring or weak. With a dash of attitude the simplest of licks can be gushing with character.

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