Watch the Minor Au Naturale online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Guitar Lab: Blues Soloing

The remainder of the progressions you're going to be blowing over are minor blues progressions and that brings with it two things: a funky rhythmic element and a new approach as to how you work with the course. First the funk:

Minor blues go hand-in-hand with 16th note propelled grooves, but they also fare extremely well in ballads as we'll soon see in Gone Are The Thrills. These three sets of solos are played over minor progressions that have modal leanings. Up at bat is a trio of Aeolian-based changes, BUT that's NOT the approach we're going to employ. To stay with the soul of what's being played in the backing track we're going to keep it minor pentatonic for the most part with a few additives here and there. One additive you will not see is Aeolian's b6th degree - it just doesn't jive with the vibe these three variations set up, but it would, however, serve you well if these 12-bar grooves were in a more Latin feel. As for the new approach, here's the deal: Up until this point I've played the solos and then proceeded to acutely dissect the innards of the lines played over the changes. Now it's time for you to do the same. By throwing you in the analytical hot seat you'll be reinforcing the concepts that have been laid out for you thus making your awareness of said ideas that much more beefy! Be sure to print out the charts, get out a red pen and start marking up the pages with your findings. From there, study the chord tone content and pick out the other improvisatory concepts we've discussed throughout the course.

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