Watch the Jonesing For Trouble online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Guitar Lab: Blues Soloing

Getting back to the eight bar count Jonesing For Trouble (adapted from the blues standard, "Trouble No More") features another red flag indicating something screwy is going on with the bar count with a V chord popping up in the 2nd bar. In addition to that weirdness, you have a two-beat-per-chord IV-#ivdim7 instance in bar 4 followed by a dom7 laden I-VI-II-V in bars 5 and 6 - madness, I tell you! But, do not fret as all you have to do to stay afloat is keep in line with what's been introduced and tirelessly reiterated throughout the course: chord tones, melodic voice leading, motific development and space. That will serve you well for the first two choruses, but be prepared for the third one.

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