Watch the Hurricane Allman Solo 1 online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Guitar Lab: Blues Soloing

There have been totally cool changes to blow over throughout Blues Soloing, but it's really hard to beat this set. Perhaps the shining moment is in bars 7 and 8 where you have an ascending two-beat-each progression starting at G7 that runs through Am7 and Bm7 only to drop down a half step to Bbm7. While the case for responsible soloing comes up once again you have more than enough of a mental buffer at 47bpm to set up a game plan for playing over these changes that demand something other than a show of horizontal dribble. Besides, at this point in the course you should have way more to bring to the table anyway! Another shining harmonic moment is the Cm7 candy chord dropped in bar 10. In all three choruses you'll be playing all over that change so be sure to get your rock star on and dig in!

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