Watch the Hurricane Allman online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Guitar Lab: Blues Soloing

If there's a set of changes that can really bring out the best in your playing it's the Allman Brothers version of T-Bone Walker's classic, "Call It Stormy Monday, But Tuesday Is Just As Bad". The changes are just awesome and always sound inspiring. Part of the awesomeness is due to the cool tritone sub (Ab7) at the second half of bar 3, the ascending chord scale changes in bars 7-8 that just beg you to get your mojo on and the D+ candy chord at the final two beats of the progression. The three solos you'll be diggin' into really go for broke. While they incorporate every last approach we've been pounding on throughout the course, they're packed with delicious lick ideas as well as minor pentatonic sextuplet flurries (first chorus), repetitive 6ths (second chorus) and big time double stop licks (third chorus).
As with all the other slow jams here in Blues Soloing be sure to make a conscious effort to lay back in the pocket and not play ahead of the beat. In fact, try playing a little behind it - that means play slightly after the underlying pulse. That sort of feel more times than not serves this style of soloing well and will make what you're playing actually sound more commanding and confident.

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