Watch the Hamburger Meat Solo 1 online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Guitar Lab: Blues Soloing

There's been a little more than a handful of completely essential soloing concepts thrown your way here in Blues Soloing, one of which has been phrasing. This sometimes abstract subject is a lifetime of work and can only be honed through a lot of listening and playing. A big part of phrasing that often goes without discussion is "attitude". Attitude is rooted in confidence. Taking a listen to this first solo you can't help but feel the heat. It's that energy you need to play with when learning and performing these licks over these changes in this feel. Without that gusto it may sound good, but it will never sound great. I don't know about you, I always want to strive for the best my solos can be. That in itself helps bring out the right attitude. Just keep that in mind as you play through this solo and the two that follow as well as when you go back over ones you've already spent time with. With the right dose of attitude you might be surprised at how much better your playing sounds.

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