Watch the Hamburger Meat online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Guitar Lab: Blues Soloing

Closing out the 23 progressions we're soloing over two alternative bar count blues starting with the 14-bar Hamburger Meat, which is a jam inspired by the genius of my good buddy, David Hamburger. Just like Sweet 16 the trick is to get the extra bars not to sound like, well, extra bars when soloing. The added bonus [re: challenge] is the total bar count doesn't fall into a multiple of four count and the changes are not conventional. The first eight bars are all tonic so a good idea is to pick a four- or even two-bar theme and milk it for all it's worth! Better yet, use that as your springboard to make it through the remaining six bars. One ace in your pocket is the fact the comping rhythm for the tonic chord is completely infectious and very inviting to play with or off of. You can hear various approaches to this notion within all three choruses.

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