Watch the Gone Are the Thrills online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Guitar Lab: Blues Soloing

Right up there with the "Stormy Monday" changes (studied here in Blues Soloing under the guise of Hurricane Allman) are "The Thrill Is Gone" changes that B.B. King made famous. Those are the very same changes the solos here in the aptly named Gone Are The Thrills adhere to. While the opening eight bars have an Aeolian or harmonic minor feel, it's all harmonic minor in bars 9-10, but not in the way it was presented back in Minor of the Harmonic Kind. Instead of a harmonic minor ii-V you get to play over a bVImaj7 (Gmaj7) to V (F#7) and man, does it sound goooooooooood. In regards to the hint the first eight seem like they're Aeolian or harmonic minor only - uh, no. Dorian will work wonders over that section, as you'll experience in the third chorus.

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