Watch the Blues For Dori Solo 3 online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Guitar Lab: Blues Soloing

Throughout Blues Soloing you've been thrown all kinds of 16th note syncopations that you should tuck under your fingers for later use. Looking back at the first solo here in Blues For Dori you have 16th to dotted 1/8 note ideas in bars 4 and 8 as well as a chopped up reading of the offbeat 16ths (2nd and 4th subdivision) in bars 5 and 9. Within this third and final solo you have some tasty inflections in bars 9-10. Looking into bar 10 there's what's called a "funky hemiola" lurking beneath those slick descending double stops. That name is slapped on anytime there's a succession of three 16ths played over a span of four. If you start on the downbeat such as this lick does you get attacks on the downbeat of beat 1, the 4th 16th of the same beat, the upbeat of beat 2, the 2nd 16th of beat 3 and the downbeat of beat 4. Sound familiar? It's the same rhythm played by most anyone who chanks a basic funk rhythm guitar jam propelled by the funk standard 5th string rooted dom9 chord.

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