Watch the Blues For Dori online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Guitar Lab: Blues Soloing

It's time for what may be the ultimate minor blues soloing vehicle - the Dorian mode. The difference between the three minor scale sounds we're examining here is slight, but plays a huge role in the delivery nonetheless. While both Aeolian and harmonic minor contain a b6, a tone that as been purposely avoided, the Dorian mode boasts a major 6th and these three solos are all over it! So, since these progressions are rooted in Dm you're gonna see plenty of B naturals throughout the solos. Over the tonic Dm7 you'll see it as a lead-off tone to get to the root (D) or b3rd (F) or as a resolving tone giving the underlying chord a crunchy m6th vibe to deal with. Played over the G7 the B will serve as a primary chord tone, while over the various incarnations of the V chord (A7) the B will be an icy 9th sound. In every instance it's very cool and very important for you to get the natural 6th sound flowing into your own ideas.

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