Watch the Basie Loaded Solo 1 online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Guitar Lab: Blues Soloing

Across the board here in Basie Loaded there's fretting considerations to be mindful of. In this first chorus watch for the spread out fret hand position required to play the ideas in bars 1-3. It's a five fret span and should be played with a 1-2-4 fingering as seen in the video. Another point of fingering interest to watch for is in the second chorus where you have an interval of a 6th lurking in the shadows throughout bars 1-3 and then again from the tail end of bar 6 into bar 7. In the third chorus the approach is completely different as you can see by just looking at the tablature portion of the chart. That solo makes ample use of movable pentatonic shapes that make for some slippery phrasing you need to work into your bag.

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