Watch the Back Pedaling Solo 3 online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Guitar Lab: Blues Soloing

If you haven't noticed already the third solo in these trio of blues choruses always throw something extra for you to wrap your fingers around. In this case the final Back Pedaling solo may be one of the more involved jaunts with its mostly 16th note rhythms at 90bpms, slippery double stops in bars 9 and 10 and final screaming double stop bends in bar 12. As with anything on the difficult side, be sure to tackle any challenging passages in bite sized chunks. Meaning, break it down to whatever form necessary that enables you to thoroughly learn the lick(s) and build them from there. While it is indeed easier said than done and the advice looks great on paper, or, your computer monitor, if you want to run with the big blues dogs you gotta do the work. Well? Get to it!

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