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Watch the Turnaround in 6ths online guitar lesson by David Hamburger from Fingerstyle Blues Factory

I think of this as part of the family of “E7 shape” turnarounds, because the shape you play on the second beat of the first measure looks like an open E7 shape slid up three frets. The simplest and most classic version just walks that shape back down to the open position, while Muddy Waters often played the same thing in reverse: starting in open position, he would walk the double stop up three frets. Our turnaround here tweaks the upper note of each pinch, implying the slightly more exotic chord progression E7 / A/C# / C7 / E. Speaking of Muddy Waters, the chromatic climb up the A string to the B7 chord in the second measure is another pet move of his - although, of course, just like his turnarounds, it dates back to the prewar era.

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