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Watch the Rosedale Blues in E 1 online guitar lesson by David Hamburger from Fingerstyle Blues Factory

For me, the more I can find some kind of structure or logical organization to a tune, the quicker I can get it into my head and from there, into my muscle memory. Take the first line of this first chorus of “Rosedale Blues:” the first measure is triplet-y E7 lick over a steady bass that resolves to a high E. The second measure is a response to that, a variation on that triplet-y lick which goes on for a little longer and then resolves on a low E. The next two measures are a response to the first two measures, in the form of a spacious vamp on the low E, with one simple double-stop figure. If you can wrap your head around the logic of this one line, it won’t be four continuous bars of music to remember. It’ll be “Oh, a phrase, a variation on that phrase, and the response to that.” Which will also come out sounding more musical, I bet. Bonus.