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Watch the Right or Ronk in E 1 online guitar lesson by David Hamburger from Fingerstyle Blues Factory

The first four bars of this chorus have a distinctly major pentatonic-sounding melody. Bringing in your ring finger on the second string and hammering on your index finger on the third will give you just about all the melody notes you need beyond fretting the E chord itself. In bars 5-6, things get a little busier but the melody at hand is still essentially based around a chord shape too, namely A7. [new paragraph] The C9/G in the second half of measure 9 is a little exotic but not too hard to grab if you look at it as a variation on the B7 chord: add your pinkie, move the bass note down one string, shift the whole operation up one fret. For the last three bars, the thumb is mostly out of the picture, leaving you free to concentrate on the double-stops that make up the remainder of the V chord and the two-bar diminished-chord turnaround.