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Watch the Minor Blues 2 online guitar lesson by Brad Carlton from Bluesology 2

In our Dominant blues series we covered not only the most basic and traditional blues progressions but moved you through a transformation of those simple progressions to more complex harmonic movement. Re-harmonizing the blues in this way created more interest for the listener and a greater challenge for the improvising blues player.
In this series, the Minor blues, we will once again take you step-by-step from the simple to the complex. Hip voicings for the minor blues will be introduced with an emphasis on voice leading thus creating smooth connections and engaging melodic movement.
Ten jam tracks in the key of A minor corresponding to each lesson are provided for practice.
In the first lesson the chords with the roots on the 6th and 5th strings will be introduced followed by some comping, stressing the back beat (the 2nd and 4th beats of the measures). The Dorian mode with the extensions for minor chords derived from this scale will be demonstrated as well.
NOTE: We've prepared ten jam tracks for you to practice with. See the charts for the listing of jam tracks and their structure. Each lesson bank features one of the ten tracks, although the jam track may not necessarily correspond with the video.