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Watch the Turnarounds 1 online guitar lesson by Brad Carlton from Bluesology 1

The mastery of turnarounds distinguishes the great players from the rest of the crowd. They are the musical tool that closes a musical passage and ushers in a new one. In a standard 12 bar blues progression, turnarounds occur in the last two measures and there are literally thousands of variations which stem from just a few basic formulas.
This series of lessons will teach you the basics of crafting tasty turnarounds. We'll cover the theory of note selection based on chord structure, rhythmic options, pedal tones, moving voices, and octave placement (register). Most importantly, you'll learn how to use and see this information quickly and easily on the fingerboard. Within a short period of time you'll be able to build your own turnarounds in any key, but to get you going, you'll get a grip on 25 turnarounds in the key of A.
In this first segment, we'll examine why and where the turnaround occurs. We'll work with a 12-bar blues in the key of G and focus on measures 9 through 12, where the turnaround begins. There are several rhythm guitar approaches and we'll cover chord voicings, the shuffle feel and other rhythmic options. Our example turnaround will be an ""ascending"" turnaround with an ""ascending tail"".
NOTE! We have included ten blues jam tracks, in different keys across all ten lessons. Use these to practice your turnarounds with and/or record a looping V-IV-I passage."