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Watch the Dominant Soloing 1: 2 online guitar lesson by Brad Carlton from Bluesology 1

Learning to play the blues is an essential prerequisite for mastering the art of improvising. Once mastered, playing other styles will develop more naturally.
Essentially the blues is a twelve bar form which can be broken into three four bar phrases. These phrases could consist of sparse harmonic movement to a dense texture with chords changing on every beat of the measure.
This series will demonstrate an approach to soloing over the dominant blues progression. The harmonies will be dominant 7th chords (1-3-5-flat7) built on the I-IV-V progression. By maintaining a simple chord progression you will have the opportunity to experiment with soloing utilizing the basic minor pentatonic/blues scale to more advanced melodic material.
In the jam tracks you will find loops for each chord, two chord progressions such as I7-V7 and IV7-V7, and three four-bar sections of a 12 bar blues. These loops will provide ample time for making smooth connections between chords.
Lesson 1 will cover the application of the blues scale over the I7 and IV7 chords.