Watch the Blues Guitar Survival Guide: Rhythm online guitar lesson by Jeff McErlain from Blues Survival Guide: Rhythm Edition

Hello and welcome to the Blues Rhythm Guitar Survival Guide! I am so happy you decided to join me. Being an excellent rhythm guitarist is essential for any player, think about it, most of our time is spent playing rhythm. That fact being true, it's funny that most guitars players don't spend a lot of time honing this skill. I was the same way until I started playing in blues bands and realized that I quickly ran out of things to play, over played, didn't know enough tunes, feels, and grooves. I didn't listen very well and never paid attention to the rhythm section. All common newbie issues. Fortunately I was playing with some pretty patient guys who helped me along the path. This course lays out some of the essential elements, feels, and techniques needed to get you on the way to becoming a great rhythm guitar player. So let's get started!

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