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Watch the Phrasing online guitar lesson by Jeff McErlain from Blues Guitar Survival Guide - Lead

Chopin once told a student, "he who phrases incorrectly is like a man who does not understand the language he speaks." The best way I can define phrasing is by drawing a comparison to language as music is a language. When we speak we use sentences and form paragraphs. We do the same in music, a sentence is the same as a musical phrase. So when we play a line it should feel like a complete thought and make musical sense. Poor phrasing feels uncomfortable and incomplete. There should be a natural rhythm to a phrase. So it is very helpful to practice phrasing it does relate heavily to time as to where a the phrase should begin and end. This can all get very involved but I'm pretty sure that Muddy Waters never analyzed his rhythmic phrasing. The best way to get your phrasing together is TO LEARN OTHER PEOPLE'S SOLOS! Really, that is the way to do it! These courses can certainly help but that is the real key. Really. That and gigging...