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Watch the Classic Texas Blues online guitar lesson by Jeff McErlain from Blues Guitar Survival Guide - Lead

Here is a classic slow blues in 12/8 time. The lower numeral indicates the note value that represents one beat. The upper numeral indicates how many such beats there are in a bar. So in 12/8 we have twelve eighth notes, this breaks down into 4 groups of triplets. We can count this with a waltz feel with the accents on the the first note of each triplet. ONE-two-three, FOUR-five-six, SEVEN-eight-nine, TEN-eleven-twelve. We can still hear this in 4/4 time with the down beats being on the start of each triplet, this is how you would tap your foot. The underlying pulse is the triplets, when you listen to the track you can hear the drummer implying and or playing that pattern on the cymbals somewhere. A slow 12/8 blues is essential and knowing how to count and feel it is the key to playing it well.