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Watch the Taxin' 2 online guitar lesson by Joe Deloro from Blues Rock Road Trip 2

Phrase 2 is a T&V. Here, we increase the typical phrase length of 4 bars to 8. That is, instead of two bars per motive, it's 4 bars each. In addition, Phrase 2 contrasts Phrase 1 by using a different scale, tonality, and style. That is, here we have a D Mixolydian mode: D, F#,G,A,B,D sound enhanced with F (b3) in the pick-up. Also, the motives are primarily melodic here (instead of rhythmic as in Phrase 1) due to the constant changing of notes.

Phrase 2 also differs from Phrase 1 by employing a sitar-like raga approach. That is, the main idea here is to descend along a single string, connecting most notes with hammer-on/pull-offs and slides to approximate the slurs of a Sitar or a Sarod. This approach works best when played over open strings, a Bass Guitar pedal (one note), or a one chord riff such as we have here with the Bass part. For other examples of this approach, check out Jeff Beck’s Intro riff on The Yardbird’s, Over, Under, Sideways Down, and Stephen Still’s solo on Crosby, Stills, & Nash’s, Suite: Judy Blue Eyes.