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Watch the Situations 2 online guitar lesson by Joe Deloro from Blues Rock Road Trip 2

Like Phrase 1, Phrase 2 is also a four bar T&V phrase. However, instead of emphasizing figure variation in each motive, it takes a measure to measure question and answer approach. In addition, extended resting is added for tension instead of repetition as in Phrase 1. This also creates a “call and response” effect within each motive.

The lead scale is A pentatonic minor: A,C,D,E,G,A (1,b3,4,5,b7,8). In measure 4, chromatic passing notes F# (3) and G# (#4) are added. As before, the main figure begins in measure 1 with four notes. This time it’s C, A, G, and A (b7,5,4,5). After one variation (A, C, and A) one and a half beats of resting follow. Figures 3-6 contain two notes each a 6th apart (F# to D, etc.) and span measure 2. The variation motive expands on the theme by adding an extra note (F#) in measure 3, and a chromatic variation figure (F#,G,G#,A) to finish measure four. As with Phrase 1, start by having some fun playing Phrase 2 before analyzing it.