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Watch the La Mystica online guitar lesson by Joe Deloro from Blues Rock Road Trip 2

Although the lead guitar parts on La Mystica are somewhat related to the style of Carlos Santana, they're not based on any particular song or recording. They're included here primarily as contrasting examples of the lead guitar connection between latin rock, jazz, and blues rock.

Also, since the Santana band has been based in northern California for over thirty years, their sound has become associated with the region. That being said, LM’s chord progression is less typical of basic latin rock and closer to a blend of jazz, samba, and funk. That is chord-wise, instead of a one or two bar dorian ii7-V7 vamp (repeating strum or rhythm part), it’s based on a four bar aeolian 7th vamp (Am7, Dm9, G13, Cmaj7, and C6add2, Fmaj7, B7, Bm7b5, and E7). Notice that the B7 and E7 chords are borrowed from outside of the mode, and therefore add tension, as well as evoking a somewhat mysterious feel.