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Watch the Gypsy 2 online guitar lesson by Joe Deloro from Blues Rock Road Trip 2

Phrase 2 is a 4 bar T&V phrase. Notice that the Variation is based on introducing new pitches while staying pretty close to the original rhythm of the Theme. Also, check out the octave transpositions in measure 4 on beats 2 and 3 (D and B) that contrast with the Theme in measure 2.
Like Phrase 1, the lead scale is B pentatonic minor: B,D,E,F#,A,B (1,b3,4,5,b7,8). This time though, the chromatic passing note F (b5) is used instead of A# (7) to add a different type of tension to measure 4.

Instead of bends, Phrase 2 emphasizes pull-offs and slides. Notice how frequent position changes serve to keep things fresh by staying out of “the box” and keep single scale position sounds to a minimum.

All of the techniques mentioned above help to insure variety and unity between figures, as well as motives. Check out the TAB variations to develop each phrase a bit further.