Watch the The Wes Coast online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Guitar Lab: Blues Progressions

The sound of the bVII7 is so cool we're gonna check it out in another scenario. This time let's drop it in bar 2 in place of the of the quick IV first introduced in Larry's Trick. The idea is lifted from the changes heard in the Wes Montgomery classic "West Coast Blues" from the must-have Incredible Jazz Guitar CD.

In the third chorus you'll see a deliberate focus on playing chords on the top strings. This is extremely important you develop a set of voicings and some voice leading approaches in this register as this is what cuts through the best. Playing chords on these strings will become especially useful when playing with other chordal instruments as well as playing with fellow guitarists.

If you're looking at bar 4 and saying to yourself, "Wha?", hold that thought. It's a tritone ii-V and that will make more sense to you when you get more into the course and hit progressions like Try Tone and For the Bird.

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