Watch the Six Pack online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Guitar Lab: Blues Progressions

For this last progression we're gonna explore a little something called "hunting and gathering." Sometimes a great set of changes is nested within a song waiting to be uncovered by you, and it's just a matter of doin' a little diggin' within your collection of music and beyond to find them. Case in point: Someone in the Allman Brothers camp was on their game the day they listened to Bobby Bland's take on T-Bone Walker's "Call it Stormy Monday". It wasn't until after the second chorus that some very hip alternate changes were laid to tape, as the first chorus was played very much true to T-Bone's original intent. Those same changes (plus some additional changes) are basically what you hear on the Live at the Fillmore East version (for the full scoop go back to the Hurricane Allman). Now, why stop at nested alternate progressions? In this uniquely arranged 6-bar progression the changes were "discovered" within an intro to a Robben Ford tune called "The Champ" from his very awesome Tiger Walk CD (a great recording where Ford steps away from the mic and plays some slammin' stuff throughout the entire album).The changes flow in a way that makes them stand on their own even in this seemingly condensed scenario. See, you never know...

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